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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday, November 16,2011 Deer Season

Yesterday was the first day of deer hunting season here. It is as big as a national holiday, even the schools close for the first day of hunting. I personally am not a hunter, but I do like to eat venison occasionally, but do not know many that I could get some from.
Winter is fast approaching. No snow on the ground, but it is only 19 degrees right now. I am not a cold weather person.
Getting ready for a big craft sale next weekend. I knit and crochet hats, scarves, mittens, fingerless gloves, slippers, soap on a rope, toaster covers, jar covers, you name it, I make it. I design most of my own items and use very few patterns.
Thanksgiving dinner is half boughten, will get the rest this weekend. I will be smoking the turket this year. Since I started smoking them this past summer, that is the only way to cook them now. I love them smoked!!!! Only 4 of us for dinner, but I make enough for 10 more if needed. Love turkey, we have on about every other month.
Plan on doing more on my blog once this craft show is out of the way. Right now it is taking most of my time.

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